Publisher & Developer

For the past two years, our passionate team has been working towards publishing exceptional mobile, browser and downloadable content. Equipped with industry expertise and effective tools, our aim is to support and expand the internal resources and capabilities of our partners.

Game Publishing

Whether you’re looking for an experienced partner to take your game and turn it into the next big thing, or you’re looking to expand your product’s horizons, Superhippo can help you navigate through the pitfalls of publishing as painlessly as possible.

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Game Development

Our code wizards, art spell-casters and management heroes work around the clock to bring greatness into the world of gaming. Looking towards the future, we’re currently working our magic in order to bring new and original titles to light, in both the mainstream and adult worlds.

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We work hard, and have a lot to show for it.
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Game Localization

We actively work on localizing Japanese titles in order to accommodate English-speaking audiences and offer them the full experience of an adult Japanese game, without the headaches of having to deal with low-quality translations, bad formatting and cluttered UI.

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Interested in becoming a superhero in the Superhippo team? Take a look at our open positions and give us a shout if anything catches your eye!

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