Development Daredevils

-Breaking down the benchmark is the norm for us-

Our code wizards, art spell-casters and management heroes work around the clock to bring greatness into the world of gaming

A leader in the adult freemium gaming industry, Superhippo has managed to establish itself on the market as a successful development house. But we’re not just a one trick pony: our mainstream development projects bring innovation to genre classics. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in the world of pesky pirates and Caribbean adventures, or if running away from mad scientist is more your thing, we’ve got something for everyone.

From pre-production to launch, we nurture creative ideas throughout the full software development life cycle and turn them into shining stars.

  • Design & Development

    Whether it’s summoning a storyboard, creating game concepts or guiding creative directions, our design& dev teams work their magic in order to bring fantasy worlds to life.

    Our code witches and wizards are not afraid to break the boundaries of knowledge. Their expertise allows them to navigate any framework and code maze.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our efficiency-oriented QA elves strive for perfection in everything they do. With a well-establish testing pipeline and nimble wits, they ensure a stable deployment for all products. We also offer a wide variety of testing, user and player experience and post launch services.

  • Management

    We weren’t kidding when we called them heroes: being a Superhippo manager means saving the day, every day. Juggling development variables, deadlines and various methodologies is no easy task, but our managers do all that, and still have the time to guide their teams, be it through stormy weathers or clear skies.

Looking towards the future, we’re currently working our magic in order to bring new and original titles to light, in both the mainstream and adult worlds.