Game Localization

-It’s not just about the translation-

Localization is so much more than transposing from one language to another, it’s about globalizing and internationalizing games. We offer our products globally, which means all the work done on these two points ensures the product fits its image and is meant to engage the player and make navigating the game easier. The world of hentai gaming used to be much smaller: the genre was rarely adapted to non-Japanese audiences and hentai fans all from around the world were consuming content they did not understand. This is where Superhippo comes in: we actively work on localizing Japanese titles in order to accommodate English-speaking audiences and offer them the full experience of an adult Japanese game, without the headaches of having to deal with low-quality translations, bad formatting and cluttered UI.

Good localization makes for good content, which is what we ultimately want for all of our products.

  • Content Translation

    Our team of advanced translators is dedicated to providing the best possible result for each and every one of our titles. We translate everything, from UI/UX elements to dialogues, no text is too difficult for us. Superhippo is dedicated to providing faithful translation that is meant to offer users a high quality gaming experience.

  • Culturalization

    Essential in the overall success of any game, culturalization is achieved here at Superhippo by having our team of cultural experts work closely on every part of the game in order to enrich its content and add cultural cues. Each market has its traditions and practices, which go beyond language, and we aim to make all our games successful in their target markets.

  • Live Ops

    While providing a flawless Live Ops experience for our players is a huge and complex task, we are proud to have a dedicated team ready to step up to the challenge.

    Analyzing player behavior, keeping in touch with them, setting up in-game events, modifying game parameters - you name it, our guys can do all of these things and make it look effortless!