Ultra Adventure! Go Go - Osawari Island


It’s chibi-hunting season on Osawari Island and you’ve been recruited to capture these beautiful girls!

With the aid of the rogue scientist Dr. Moriyama and her cat-girl assistant Ichigo, embark on an adventure that will lead you across a fantastical version of Japan, from the heights of lava-spewing volcanoes to the classrooms of an all-girl academy.

But be careful! Your enthralling Eromon-hunting companions are on a collision course with the most powerful beings on the island. Defeat them, and add them to your collection!

Key Features

  • Compile a combat team and add your favorite Eromon to it! Pick the strongest hotties and kick some serious evil-Eromon ass!
  • Add sexy Eromon babes to your collection and enjoy some quality time with them whenever you’re in the mood!
  • Alchemy: try out various recipes and get limited Eromon, materials and awesome items!
  • PvP: put your skills to the test in timed battles and compete against other players!
  • Try out the various types of Gacha machines and get chibi-goddesses that’ll get you hot and bothered in no time!
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Genre: Action/Adventure, RPG

Developer: Transporter

Publisher: Superhippo Studios

Release Date: September 17th, 2015

Available on: nutaku.net