Elisa the Innkeeper – A New Customer Arrives!


Play the part of a powerful, rich and famous nobleman who appears to successfully obtain whatever he wishes for.

But will it be enough to capture the heart of these outrageously gorgeous girls, so well-known as the ones who cannot be conquered?

Within such a difficult trial, nothing and nobody can be taken for granted! Plan your moves carefully, choose your responses wisely, and you might succeed in getting the girl of your dreams!

Are you ready to set off on this rich and intense adventure where, for once, your choices really matter?

Key Features

  • Choice based gameplay with 40 primary and secondary choices which influence how the story unfolds.
  • 5 girls you can date
  • 15+ locations and backgrounds
  • Unlock and listen to our soundtrack whenever you want!
  • Collect secret artworks and bonus scenes in our Art Gallery
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Genre: Dating Sim, Visual Novel

Developer: Apoapsis

Publisher: Superhippo Studios

Release Date: June 20th, 2017

Available on: nutaku.net