Welcome to the world of Tattva!

Once home to ancient, sacred civilizations, this heavenly realm now acts as the final level on the journey to redemption for the souls of all sinners.

As you awake in this strange land, you are urged to set off on a journey across Tattva, a feat all Wanderers must undergo to cleanse themselves of past mistakes. However, you soon find out that there are some who choose to ignore the call of redemption, and choose to indulge in the infinite carnal and material pleasures - and dangers - this mysterious afterlife seems to offer.

Inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, Earthbound, and various tabletop RPGs, Karmasutra is an intense hybrid between an RPG & a Visual Novel, set in a richly detailed, dreamlike world.

Key Features

  • 25+ Locations Available
  • 13 unique characters & 7 supernatural girls for you to encounter
  • 20+ Uncensored Mature Scenes
  • Unique Gameplay inspired by Dungeons & Dragons
  • Exploration & Choice System
  • Visual Novel Style Interactions
  • No DRM
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Play Now

Get the uncensored patch for Steam here:

Download Patch

To install the patch, unzip the archive and then combine the unzipped folder with the main game one, overwriting the files


Genre: RPG, Adventure

Developer: Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Publisher: Superhippo Studios

Release Date: March 28th, 2017

Available on: nutaku.net