Venture into a world where ships can journey to other realms and where treasure beyond your wildest dreams is waiting for you to find it, but…are you brave enough to take on the guardians who are protecting it?

Enjoy HD erotic scenes and illustrations taken right out of your wildest fantasies!

Key Features

  • 11 unique girls to encounter & 5 supernatural girls to seduce (with even more to come soon!)
  • 12 original locations
  • Puzzle-solving dungeons to escape from
  • Puzzle-based ship combat
  • Multiple choice system, which shapes your relationships and influences the ending
  • Visual Novel style interactions
  • Charming music and enticing, uncensored art
  • No DRM
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux
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Genre: Visual Novel

Developer: Lupiesoft

Publisher: Superhippo Studios

Release Date: June 13th , 2017

Available on: